Cultural Attractions In Ethiopia

Popular Sites Of The Cultural Attractions In Ethiopia:
Dozens of tribes and the Great Rift Valley are the highlight of the cultural attractions circuit. Hamer, Mursi, Karo, Surma, Erbore, Konso, Borena… are among the major tribes. The Great Rift Valley with its chains of lakes and National Parks are the part of this breathtaking region.


Means of Transportation To Cultural Route: by 4WD and regular flight is only possible to one site (Arbaminch).

The Road Conditions In The Cultural Route: Largely the road is flat. New asphalt road, nearly under completion, runs all the way to Jinka (747km south Addis Ababa). After wards it is all gravel roads with some bumpy places.A 4X4 Land Cruiser is must to cover all important sites of the Omo Valley cultural tour.
Accommodations In Cultural Route: Basic hotels, camping grounds, lodges that range from 2 – 3 star and moderate type of exclusive lodges.

Omo Valley
is dominated mainly by many ethnic groups who speak omotic language as classified by linguistics. The region and the people of this are one of the least affected by the modern world. The life style of the people has hardly changed for centuries. People still live in simple make shift huts, dress animal skins and drink with calabashes. The area is a veritable paradise for photographers and naturalists.

The people of the Omo Valley and their culture have been source of fascination for travelers. The Hammar who are well known for their sense of elegance are the major ethnic group in the region.

The Surma and Mursi women, who wear lip plates by piercing their lower lip have been compelling tourists to travel to their land to see what seems impossible