Ethiopia Birding Tour
Ethiopia Birding Tour
Ethiopia Birding Tour
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Birdwatching in Ethiopia is every Avian Lover’s Delight

Ethiopia, brimming with avian marvels, has emerged as a premier hotspot for birdwatchers globally. Home to an astonishing array of 863 bird species, which includes 32 unique endemics, 40 near endemics, and 268 migratory birds, Taitu Tour and Travel's Ethiopia Birding Tours present an invigorating exploration. Our tours traverse from the verdant highlands to the lively lowlands, providing unmatched opportunities to witness the rich and varied birdlife of Ethiopia. Explore the fascinating world of Africa's birdlife with our Ethiopia Safaris, where each step is an adventure into the realm of nature's most magnificent feathered inhabitants.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ethiopia is home to a remarkable diversity of bird species. The country boasts around 863 bird species, which includes a significant number of endemic species unique to the region.

The Stresemann’s bushcrow, scientifically referred to as Zavattariornis stresemanni and sometimes known as the Abyssinian pie, bush crow, or simply by its genus name Zavattariornis, resembles a starling in appearance. It belongs to the crow family, known as Corvidae.

The Best Time for Bird-watching in Ethiopia is from September to February. During these months, the bird population is enriched by migratory birds, offering a rich and varied birdwatching experience. The winter months, coinciding with the northern hemisphere’s winter, are particularly ideal for spotting both endemic and migratory species.

Ethiopia has several parks that are excellent for bird-watching, including Bale Mountains National Park, Awash National Park, Menagesha Forest, Simien Mountains National Park, and Rift Valley Lakes.

Yes, Ethiopia is renowned for its endemic bird species. The country has about 16 endemic bird species, including the Ethiopian Bush Crow, Blue-winged Goose, and the Abyssinian Catbird. These species are unique to Ethiopia and contribute significantly to the country’s avian diversity.

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Ethiopia Birding Tour
Ethiopia Birding Tours
Ethiopia Birding Safari
Ethiopia Birding Safaris
Ethiopia Birding Safaris
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We spend one month travelling around Ethiopia with Eskinder as our driver with a nice and confortable car. Our customised route was made to measure, including the highlights of the country as Lalibela.

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