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Want to get an all-inclusive mountain trekking experience on Ethiopia Tours? Then, why not go for a combination of both worlds – Lalibela and Gheralta Mountain Trekking? This tour brings together the best of both worlds and allows you to undergo a unique Ethiopia Mountain Climbing experience.
The towering sandstone cliffs of Gheralta are one of the most iconic landscapes of Ethiopia Destinations. If you’re a trekking enthusiast then there are plenty of opportunities for scaling the surrounding plateaus. Within these caverns of the cliff face lies a complex of temples and churches that were cut from stones centuries ago, waiting to be discovered.

From the ground, the mountains of Gheralta cast huge shadows across the sand and offer a brief recess from the heat. Although Lalibela is better known for rock churches, the Gheralta region is home to some of the oldest churches and ancient monasteries in the country. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in this rich adventure on Ethiopia Tours.

Whereas, trekking through the rugged terrain of the Lalibela Mountain range is a surreal experience that transports you to a whole different world. The jagged peaks, steep valleys, and the surrounding landscape create a perfect harmony. As you climb higher, the air gets thinner, and the temperature drops, reminding you of the unforgiving nature of the mountain. But the beauty that surrounds you is so appealing that it fuels your desire to continue the climb.

As you trek deeper into the mountains, you’ll come across remote villages that have remained untouched by modern civilization. The villagers live in simple homes made of stone and thatch, and their way of life is tied to the land that surrounds them. You’ll be welcomed with open arms, and the locals will share their stories, culture, and traditions with you.

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