Ethiopia Money
Ethiopia Money
Ethiopia Money
Budgeting with Ethiopian Birr

From Birr to Bargains – Mastering the Essentials of Ethiopian Currency

Navigating the financial landscape of Ethiopia is crucial for travellers when setting on an adventure, whether it's for the rugged Ethiopia Safaris or the cultural exploration of its cities. Understanding Ethiopia Money, from its unique currency to various payment methods, enhances your Ethiopia Safari experience, ensuring smooth transactions throughout your journey.


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The official Currency In Ethiopia is the Ethiopian Birr, often abbreviated as ETB. It’s the only legal tender used across the country for all types of transactions, from everyday purchases to larger financial obligations.

In Ethiopia, the only officially accepted currency is the Ethiopian Birr. Other foreign currencies are not typically used for transactions within the country. Visitors are expected to use the birr for all their payments and purchases.

The most convenient way to obtain Ethiopian Birr is through currency exchange at banks or authorized exchange bureaus, either before your arrival or once you’re in Ethiopia. ATMs are also available, especially in urban areas, where you can withdraw birr using your international debit or credit cards.

To send birr to Ethiopia, using international money transfer services is often the best option. These services typically offer better exchange rates and lower fees compared to traditional banks. Providers like Western Union, MoneyGram, or online platforms that specialize in international transfers are popular choices.

The Ethiopian Birr was adopted as the official Currency Of Ethiopia in 1963. It replaced the Ethiopian Dollar and has been in use since then as the primary medium for financial transactions in the country.

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Ethiopian Money
Ethiopia Currency
Ethiopia Currency
Ethiopia Birr
Ethiopia Money
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