10 Best Things to Do at Lalibela Churches, Ethiopia

Lalibela, a little mountain village in the north of Ethiopia, is a highlight for any Ethiopia safari. This town is renowned for its magnificent 11 monolithic churches, carved right out of the rock more than 800 years ago.

As you wander through these ancient sites, all these Lalibela Churches reveal a new chapter of history right before your eyes. Beyond the churches, you can engage with local traditions and enjoy tales passed down through generations.

Are you curious about Things to Do in Lalibela, Ethiopia? Then, this read is for you! Visit Lalibela on Ethiopia Tours and witness adventure meets heritage first-hand.

Know the History

Lalibela Churches

In Lalibela, Ethiopia, discover a rich history rooted in King Lalibela’s inspiration from Jerusalem. Captivated by its sacredness, he sought to recreate a “New Jerusalem” after its capture in 1187.

  • King Lalibela, influenced by his time in Jerusalem, started building churches mirroring humility and unity.
  • Each church, carved from a single rock, is named after saints or biblical figures, echoing spiritual significance.
  • The local river, known as the River Jordan, adds to the biblical symbolism of the area.
  • These churches have been active centres of worship, steeped in ancient rituals and secrets since their inception.

Immerse yourself in the historical marvels on a Lalibela Tour. Explore the interesting stories etched in stone and experience the essence of Ethiopia Tourism firsthand.

Book a Guide

When exploring Lalibela, Ethiopia, having a knowledgeable guide by your side enriches your journey. Doesn’t matter if you travel with our Ethiopia Tour Operator or independently, a guide will ensure that you navigate the intricate churches and their histories without losing your way.

  • Hiring a guide ensures reliability and clarity on pricing.
  • Local guides often have a deep-rooted knowledge of Lalibela’s history and layout.
  • Their expertise enhances your understanding of each church’s significance and architecture.
  • Guides from reputable agencies like ours bring insights that make your visit more meaningful.

Discover Lalibela with a trusted Ethiopia Tour operator like Taitu Tour and Travel. Ensure your visit is guided by local expertise to fully immerse in the cultural richness of this ancient city.

Get Inside the Churches

Lalibela Churches

Visiting the ancient churches of Lalibela offers a unique glimpse into history and art. Step inside to admire old rugs, and intricate artwork, and meet local priests.

  • Inside, you’ll find ancient rugs and beautiful artwork.
  • Meet local priests and experience the spiritual ambience.
  • Remember to remove your shoes before entering, as per local customs.
  • Your belongings are generally safe outside the churches.

Experience the rich heritage with our Lalibela Tours. Let us guide you through these sacred sites on our Ethiopia Tours and Safaris.

Choosing the Right Footwear

When visiting Lalibela, Ethiopia, it’s important to wear appropriate shoes for exploring the ancient churches. Slip-on or sandals won’t work well because these churches are carved into the rock, which makes it feel more like hiking than a typical church visit. The altitude, at 2500 feet above sea level, adds to the challenge.

  • Select sturdy shoes with good grip for navigating inside the churches.
  • The interiors can have uneven terrain and small climbs.
  • Wearing the right shoes helps prevent slips and ensures safety.
  • Prepare for some steep areas without guardrails.

Explore Lalibela comfortably and safely with Taitu Tour and Travel, your reliable Ethiopia Tour Operator. Enjoy a well-guided experience through this unique site.

Honor the Living Heritage

Lalibela Churches

Lalibela continues to be a vibrant place of worship, attracting both daily worshippers and pilgrims during the Ethiopian Christmas season. Unlike many historical sites that serve mainly tourists, Lalibela remains a spiritual haven.

  • Lalibela hosts significant religious events, particularly during the Ethiopian Christmas on January 7th or 8th.
  • This city is free from typical tourist attractions like souvenir shops and staged shows, maintaining its authenticity.
  • Visitors are encouraged to be considerate of the religious activities and the Orthodox Christians who come for prayer and reflection.

Explore the sacred city and experience the spirituality and rich traditions that define Lalibela as a key destination for Ethiopian pilgrimage.

Join a Morning Mass

Experience the spiritual essence of Lalibela by attending a morning mass. These early services, often starting by 4 or 5 AM, offer a rare opportunity to engage with the local faith community in a truly authentic setting.

  • Early mass times allow you to experience the tranquillity of dawn in a sacred space.
  • Sharing this moment with locals and visitors alike can be a profound and uniting experience.
  • The sight of the sun rising near the historic churches is an unforgettable part of the morning.

Let our Lalibela Tour Guide to an early morning mass where you can witness the daybreak in a memorable and sacred setting. This is a unique aspect of Ethiopian Religious Tours that enhance any visit.

Find the Hidden Tunnels

Explore the enigmatic tunnels of Lalibela, a highlight among Places to Visit in Ethiopia. The dark, 35-meter tunnel from Bet Gabriel-Rufael is designed to represent a journey through ‘hell’, offering a historical exploration unlike any other.

  • Navigate the tunnel in total darkness, adhering to a local tradition that heightens the spiritual experience.
  • Carved from the bedrock, the tunnel challenges visitors to use their senses of touch and hearing to find their way.
  • Enhanced safety measures ensure a secure adventure, with experienced guides providing insights and reassurance.

Step beyond the ordinary, into the extraordinary with usand find a piece of Ethiopia’s hidden history that promises both thrill and enlightenment.

See the Burial Chambers

At Lalibela, the surrounding walls of the churches hold hidden chambers where monks, priests, and significant historical figures are buried. Visiting these sites provides a tangible connection to the ancient past of this sacred place.

  • The burial chambers are integrated into the church walls, each holding the remains of Lalibela’s religious and historical leaders.
  • Viewing the graves and skeletal remains might feel eerie, but it deeply enriches the understanding of Lalibela’s longstanding spiritual community.

Discover the solemn and historic burial sites of Lalibela and learn about the individuals who shaped this holy city’s past on our guided Ethiopia Tours and Safaris.

Marvel at Lalibela’s Architectural Wonders

Lalibela Churches

In Lalibela, each church is masterfully carved from a single volcanic rock. These ancient creations continue to mystify experts with their intricate designs.

  • The churches are skillfully shaped from huge volcanic rocks, demonstrating remarkable craftsmanship.
  • The construction techniques and time taken are still a topic of mystery, often attributed to miraculous efforts in local stories.
  • Absorb the stunning artistry and spiritual depth as you visit these unique structures on your Tours to Ethiopia.

Witness the magnificent architecture and immerse yourself in the rich spiritual history that makes Lalibela so captivating on Ethiopia Tours and Safaris.

Explore the Charms Beyond Churches of Lalibela

Lalibela Churches

Beyond the renowned churches that make Lalibela, Ethiopia famous, this town offers a delightful charm worth exploring.

  • Engage in a spontaneous game of table tennis (ping pong) on the lively streets of Lalibela.
  • Navigate the town comfortably by hopping on a bajaj, a popular three-wheeled motor vehicle.
  • Indulge in multiple visits to the renowned restaurant, Ben Abebe, known for its delicious cuisine.
  • Adventure enthusiasts can explore several nearby mountains, including one with an eco-lodge at its summit.

Discover more of Lalibela with us. Plan your travel with us and explore beyond the iconic churches of Lalibela to uncover the hidden gems of Ethiopia.

Not Just See the Churches, But Gain the Experiences

In Lalibela, every corner offers a story, from the awe-inspiring churches carved from rock to lively street games and serene mountain paths. It’s a place where history is alive and every moment is an invitation to explore.

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