Harar’s Dual Charms – Ethiopia Tours With A Dash Of Hyena Feeding

Imagine the moonlit streets booming with tales of traditions that date back centuries – Harar, the fourth holiest city of Islam tells its story within medieval walls and alleys.

Here’s one thing that you wouldn’t have ever come across your mind when thinking of Ethiopia Tours in Harar – “Hyenas!” This is the city that invites adventurous souls to partake in the daring practice of hyena feeding. Within the sections of this post, we look at:

  • What tales do the hyenas carry from Ethiopian folklore to the present day?
  • Can one truly capture the essence of Harar without daring to tread into the realm of hyena feeding?

Walk through the alleyways on Harar Tours with us as we do a deep dive into the city’s dual charms!

Hyenas In Ethiopian Folklore – Myth To Reality

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In the mystical alleys of Harar Ethiopia, where time seems to wind its way through the ancient walls, hyenas are guardians of age-old folklore. The practice of feeding hyenas outside the city walls gives way after the sun sets.

This is a tradition rooted in the complex variety of Ethiopian beliefs. Theories abound regarding its origin:

  • It may have been a response to the 19th-century famine to appease hyenas or a 500-year-old ritual to sanitize the city.
  • Folklore whispers of Muslim saints forming a pact with hyena leaders, exchanging porridge for protection.
  • Moreover, the belief that hyenas predict the future adds a layer of mystique—residents leave porridge during significant events, interpreting the hyenas’ consumption as omens.
  • Waraba nasib, meaning hyenas’ luck, echoes the deep connection between these creatures and the spirituality that comes with Best Harar Tours.

Regardless of its origin, this tradition continues today, offering an incredible and mystical experience throughout the course of Best Harar Tours & Trips 2023/2024.

A Fear-Defying Harar Tour Experience

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What started as a necessity to protect livestock during the famine has transformed into a unique and daring Harar Travel experience for intrepid travellers.

  • The Harar Hyena Feeding practice is performed by individuals known as the hyena men.
  • Tourists drawn by the allure of the wild can witness this amazing display during Harar Tours & Excursions.
  • This experience stands on the brink of fear and fascination.

The Harar Hyena Man, also called the hyena whisperer possesses a deep understanding of these creatures. Thus, they can orchestrate an encounter that leaves a lasting imprint on those brave enough to partake in this ancient tradition while on Ethiopia Tours.


For visitors who want an authentic perspective of the experience of meeting the hyena whisperers on a Harar Tour, there’s some good news in store!

In this section, we have laid out the experience of Harar Ethiopia Hyena Feeding taken from the perspectives of guests who have booked their Harar Tours Packages with us.  Here’s what they had the pleasure of experiencing:

  • In Harar, over 20 wild hyenas awaited their nocturnal feast in the shroud of darkness. The Hyena Man’s demeanour shifted noticeably.
  • His focus centred on the task of feeding these majestic creatures rather than following a scripted performance for the benefit of tourists.
  • The experience was devoid of artificiality! instead, there’s a sincere interaction between the Hyena Man and the untamed predators.
  • The hyenas, a remarkable presence were treated with genuine respect, acknowledging their power and inherent danger.

Going Behind The Scenes Of Planning Harar Tours

Navigating the planning of the Ethiopia Tours in Harar involves addressing practical concerns and understanding the dynamics of hyena feeding. We have examined a few different features associated with Harar Tours & Excursions below and offered some practical advice:

Is feeding the hyenas dangerous?While technically yes, given that hyenas are wild animals and formidable predators, the practice has been ongoing for centuries. Hyena men, experienced in this ritual, exhibit a genuine understanding of these creatures, and the feeding is a significant part of their sustenance.
Logistical InformationGetting There – Short 1-hour flight from Addis Ababa followed by a 2-hour transfer with scenic views. Ideal Stay Duration – 2 nights in Harar. 3 if exploring Dire Dawa and nearby sights. Feeding Time – Dusk, usually between 6:30-7:30 pm Feeding Sites – Two locations outside the walled city – one to the north and one to the east.
How much does it cost?The estimated cost of Harar Tours Packages ranges from $600 per person. * This covers nights in Harar, including: FlightsAccommodationTransfersMealsA Private Guide   Additional cash is recommended for the customary contribution to the hyena man.
Do I need a guide?Highly recommended. It’s crucial to have a guide from Harar, ideally born and bred in the city.

In general, planning an Ethiopian Harar tour involves a careful balance of logistical considerations, cultural nuances, and a deep appreciation for the relationship between the hyena men and the wild predators.

Harar’s Duality of a Nocturnal Nature!

As the conclusion of Ethiopia Safaris in Harar comes to an end, carry with you the whispers of the hyena man:

  • Let the echoes of hyenas’ calls linger, a reminder that within this city, an ancient correlation between man and beast endures.
  • Farewell not as an end, but a run-up to the next adventure, for Harar’s charm is boundless and everlasting.

Book the Hyena Harar Tours with us at Taitu Tour and Travel and become a part of the city’s living history.

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