Addis Ababa Travel Guide – Things to Do, See & Eat in Addis Ababa

Take a look at the Addis Ababa Travel Guide presented to you by Taitu Tour and Travels and experience for yourself, an exuberant town where the medieval meets modern.

Sitting 7,700 feet above sea level up at the highlands of Ethiopia is where our Addis Ababa Tours introduce you to a city that pulses with life. Here you can walk amid vibrant markets, eat interesting local food and see ancient art meet contemporary.

This city is a bustling melting pot of cultures and languages — the perfect place to begin your Ethiopia Safaris. There is something new in every corner, and that’s why this place holds its charm for anyone looking to experience the real Things to Do in Addis Ababa.

Things to Do in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Travel Guide

When moving around Addis Ababa, most travellers will understand why the place has been labelled as a centrepiece in Ethiopia Tours and Safaris. The bustling capital is a hub for various kinds of activities that are a perfect amalgamation of history, culture, and nature.

  1. Visit the National Museum of Ethiopia – Uncover ancient secrets and see the iconic Lucy.
  2. Tour the Holy Trinity Cathedral – Marvel at the stunning architecture and historical importance.
  3. Enjoy Meskel Square – Witness the epitome of public life and cultural events.
  4. Haggle at Addis Mercato – Experience the vibrant chaos of Africa’s largest market.
  5. View from Entoto Hill – Soak up panoramic city views and historical sites.
  6. Explore the Ethnological Museum – Get an in-depth look at the diverse cultures of Ethiopia.
  7. Relax in Unity Park – Enjoy beautifully landscaped gardens and cultural exhibits.
  8. Savor an Addis Ababa Food Tour – Delight in Popular Food in Ethiopia, like injera.
  9. Reflect at the Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum – Understand Ethiopia’s recent history.
  10. Shop at Shola Market – Engage with locals and shop for fresh, traditional goods.
  11. Experience a Coffee Ceremony – Participate in this significant Ethiopian cultural ritual.
  12. Stroll through Friendship Park – Escape the hustle and relax in green surroundings.
  13. Admire Art at Zoma Museum – Explore where art and sustainability merge.
  14. Watch a Performance at the National Theatre – Enjoy local performing arts.
  15. See the Lions at Addis Ababa Zoo – Learn about the conservation of Ethiopian lions.
  16. Hike in Yeka Forest – Discover endemic wildlife and lush vegetation.
  17. Learn at the Science Museum – Fun and educational for all ages.
  18. Visit Holy Raguel Church – One of Addis’s oldest and most serene places.
  19. Attend an Orthodox Church service – Experience the spiritual depth of Ethiopia.
  20. Shop at Salem’s Ethiopia – Find exquisite, locally-made handicrafts.

The above list of Unique Things to Do in Ethiopia is a must-experience for anyone coming to explore Addis Ababa. All we can say is that the city is a perfect introduction to the wonders of Holidays in Ethiopia.

Things to See in Addis Ababa

Tours of Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is a city that’s brimming with activities and sights that attract everyone coming for Tours of Ethiopia. There are historical sites and vibrant markets, that make this capital city a must-visit destination. A list of a few such important Addis Ababa Attractions is given below for our reader’s knowledge:

  • Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum

A visit here is essential to understanding the country’s recent history. The museum displays poignant reminders of those who suffered during the Red Terror.

  • Ethnological Museum

Located in the former palace of Emperor Haile Selassie, this museum dives into the diverse cultures of Ethiopia, showcasing everything from traditional garments to musical instruments.

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral

This magnificent cathedral is not only a place of worship but also a historic site where notable figures like Emperor Haile Selassie are buried.

  • Mausoleum of Menelik II

Explore the final resting place of one of Ethiopia’s most revered emperors, Menelik II, which is also rumoured to house artwork by famous artists.

  • Addis Mercato

Experience the lively atmosphere of one of Africa’s largest markets. Here, you can shop for everything from Ethiopian food to local crafts.

  • Entoto Hill

For those looking for a break from the city noise, Entoto Hill offers refreshing nature walks and stunning views over Addis Ababa, perfect for a family outing on a Holiday in Ethiopia.

Now that you know Addis Ababa is the perfect starting point for experiencing the best of Ethiopia, why not join us to explore these amazing sites? Make your visit a key part of your Ethiopia Tours and Safaris and discover all the wonderful experiences Ethiopia has to offer.

What to Eat in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Food Culture

If you want to gain an authentic taste of Ethiopia’s rich culinary heritage, Addis Ababa is your place to be. This place introduces travellers coming from far and wide to Ethiopian Food Culture. Here are the must-try dishes and the best places to eat on Addis Ababa City Tours.

1- Injera with Doro Wat:

Enjoy Ethiopia’s national dish, injera, a spongy sourdough flatbread on Ethiopia Food Tours. It is served with Doro Wat, a spicy chicken stew seasoned with berbere spice.

2- Tibs

Savour this popular dish of pan-fried meat (beef, lamb, or goat), sautéed with onions and herbs, available in both spicy and mild flavours.

3- Kitfo

Try this traditional delicacy of raw minced beef, seasoned with mitmita and niter kibbeh. Cooked versions are also available for those who prefer.

4- Shiro

Enjoy this comforting stew made from ground chickpeas or broad beans, seasoned with berbere spice, a perfect dish during fasting periods.

5- Beyaynetu

For vegetarians, this platter combines various lentils, peas, and greens dishes served on injera.

6- Coffee

Don’t miss a traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, where coffee is prepared in a clay pot and often accompanied by frankincense.

7- Tej

Taste this traditional honey wine, a sweet and potent drink made from fermented honey.

8- Tella

Sample local homemade beer brewed from barley, maize, or millet, commonly enjoyed in Tella bars around the city.

9- Sambusas

Enjoy these crispy pastries filled with spiced meat or lentils, a perfect snack or starter.


Start your day with this dense barley, wheat, or sorghum porridge, typically served with spiced butter and yoghurt or honey.

11- Firfir

For breakfast, try this dish of shredded injera soaked in spicy sauce, often mixed with meat.

Special Insight: Top Places to Eat in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Travel Guide

Addis Ababa has many great places to eat, each offering something special for visitors on Addis Ababa Tours.

  • Yod Abyssinia is a place where you can enjoy exciting live shows that showcase Ethiopia’s culture.
  • Kategna is a cosy spot where you can taste real Ethiopian flavours and smell the fresh coffee, making it one of the Top restaurants in Addis Ababa.
  • Mama’s Kitchen offers a mix of Ethiopian and world foods, perfect for trying something new.
  • If you like healthy food, you’ll love Five Loaves. They serve healthy meals in a calm setting.
  • Lastly, Gusto Restaurant gives you a taste of Italy with its delicious pasta and pizza, and it’s one of the Best Places to Eat in Addis Ababa.

Interested in exploring the unique and diverse flavours of Ethiopia? Book an Addis Ababa Food Tour with us and experience everything from local street food to gourmet dining.

Your Gateway to Addis Ababa’s Rich Experiences

As your exploration comes to an end, remember that Addis Ababa Tours is just the beginning of an exciting journey through Ethiopia.

From wandering through bustling markets to tasting unique local dishes and stepping back in history at museums, this city beautifully combines the ancient with the modern, making every moment here special.

Join us for Ethiopia Safaris and let us help you truly experience the best Things to do in Addis Ababa. Let’s make your trip a memorable exploration of Ethiopia’s heart and soul.

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